About Us


MARCEL & MAE was born (literally) in 1995, finally hitting the markets today- Oh,What a Feeling !A long lived passion for some seriously good fashion, with a wild at heart element, is finally coming alive in 2020. The collection that you see , is the creation of a passionate mind 25 years ago, by the  Mae, carrying her Marcel.

Our collection is for every Girl out there-  who wants to Unleash the Style Icon in her, to Unleash the Marcel & Mae in her.

The story of Marcel & Mae – By the Women, For the Women.

So Girl, Don’t worry, Your Pockets  Ain’t  Stressing  Nobody,
Keep it classy & sassy ,
Always Worth the Paparazzi,
From Earth to Mars, with your Mae,

#UnleashtheMarcelandMae , Everyday.